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Engaging efforts to ensure a Complete Count for the 2020 Census by offering a platform and opportunity for community engagement around census awareness and information.

No purchase required.
You must complete the entry details to be eligible to win.
Winners will be chosen on May 5 and June 5.
A winner will be chosen per award opportunity (Census Questionnaire, Share Your Value, Census Awareness Commitment)
For a total of 3 winners on May 5.
For a total of 3 winners on June 5.
Visit the Latinx Flint Facebook page to see the winners’ announcements.
Only one entry per person is allowed per prize opportunity.
Entry Rollover: Your entry will automatically transfer to the next draw. No need to re-enter.

Latinx Technology & Community Center will use secure forms and sheets to collect all the information for the draw and select a winner. This process is for a safe and fair prize opportunity.

Participants are directed to the LatinX Flint website for census information and raffle submission.

Participants complete the forms on the LatinX Flint website.

Google Forms collects contact information and answers to raffle questions.

Every time someone submits the Forms, we will receive an email.

Google Forms generates all the information in a Google Sheets Excel document.

Google spreadsheets classifies and displays all the information presented in each section, including the name.

In Google Sheets, you can use the a formula to choose a set of numbers or random names from a column.

The winner will be announced on Facebook Live through our Facebook page, LatinX Technology & Community Center.

The winner will be notified and their prize will be sent to them.