Who We Are

A grassroots organization serving to enhance the health and well being of the Latinx community in Flint and Genesee County.

Latinx Technology & Community Center first swung open its doors in 2001 – a year after the turn of the millennium, amidst the technology and internet revolution that rendered many of Flint and Genesee County Residents without technology access. Mott Community College, in partnership with the American G.I. Forum, recognized the need to establish a technology center to serve the local Eastside and Latinx Community.

In 2016 (height of the Flint Water Crisis), LTCC recognized the need for a latinocentric organization and evolved the collaborative effort into a restructured Non-Profit.  The mission was simple, but wrought with challenges: to address the needs of the community while providing resources and access to technology.

Hist D.Berlanga-01 Domingo Berlanga
“Education is Our Freedom and Freedom should be Everybody’s Business” OUR MISSION HAS A KEY OBJECTIVE
To enhance the dignity and quality of life for the Flint & Genesee County Latinx community and other cultures.

Our main purpose is to increase the likelihood that members in our community will live healthy and prosperous lives. This work is part of a collaborative effort in response to the economic and health crisis faced by our community. While the objective is relatively broad, Latinx Flint’s approach is a comprehensive menu of programmatic efforts focused on the social determents of health and bridging language & culture barriers. Each of our programs and services were launched and designed based on feedback we receive from the community. Through strong partnerships with local organizations, we are able to provide insight to increase awareness of local systemic language and culture barriers.


Every day, community members cross our threshold to receive support in strengthening their spirits and developing skills and relationships to lead healthy, productive lives and become contributing members of their communities. EDI 1-01

Executive Director

Asa Zuccaro


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Site Coordinator

Vanessa Alvarez


Our scope is broad and our work would not be possible without a diverse network. United by the belief that it takes a village to raise a child, we are grateful for our bilingual partners and volunteers: Counselors, Educators, Artists, Coaches, Gardeners, Chefs, Drivers, Custodians, Engineers, Health Providers, and more.

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Why we say, “It’s important to be bilingual” ED-01 Board of Directors
The Board of Directors supports the mission of purposes of the Latinx Technology and Community Center (LTCC) and provides mission-based leadership and strategic governance.


Aurora Sauceda

Vice Chair

Ralph Arellano


David Aguilar Hall


Mary Vizcarra

Pedro Berlanga

Jessica Gutierrez

Jessica Kitchner

Don Lada

Sixto Olivo

Rosa Lambaria

Fabiola Sanson

Raul Vargas