Community members receiving their plants at the Latinx Center.

Aticle by Solano – Tuesday, June 9, 2020

FLINT, Michigan – The Latinx Technology & Community Center with the donation of plants by Edible Flint, will be distributing vegetable plants and seeds for families who decide to have their own Urban Garden.

In this article we will learn the importance of having a Garden and in the final part we will leave you a contact so that you have your own garden at home.

Having your own vegetable can be an easy and inexpensive solution.

Agriculture has a great impact on the environment that manifests itself in several ways:

    • Much of the land surface is devoted to cultivation.
    • Agriculture consumes most of the water that is used for man.
    • Crops cause loss of natural habitats.
    • Contamination increases as products must be transported.
    • It contaminates the soil with fertilizers and pesticides.

A bit of history about Urban Gardens, they have existed for millions of years, in fact, during the Neolithic, women grew seeds around their house, although it was during World War II when urban gardens began to develop as a way to ensure the food.

Advantages of urban gardens

    1. You Can be in contact with the earth. Touching the earth puts you in contact with nature.
    2. Your children will learn to try new things. Watching the fruits and vegetables grow will encourage your children to try new things and enjoy food.
    3. Family time. Sharing activities with your children is essential to create environments of trust, to teach and to have good communication.
    4. You will promote local agriculture. One of the most important problems in agriculture is the pollution caused by the transportation of products.
    5. Responsibilities. An urban garden requires various care and your children must take responsibility for taking care of everything that is grown.
    6. You will get fresh fruits and vegetables.
    7. You will avoid stress. Cultivating the earth and observing the growth cycle of plants is a way to relax and avoid everyday stress.
    8. You will save money. A home garden will help you save in the shopping cart and obtain healthier products to take care of the family’s diet.
    9. You will avoid the use of plastics. Most of the fruit and vegetables are wrapped in single-use plastics that pollute nature.
    10. Children will understand the importance of taking care of the natural environment. The urban garden will be an excellent way for your children to understand why it is important to take care of the environment and bet on ecological and sustainable agriculture.

The vegetables we have:

    1. Cabbage
    2. 6 varieties of Tomato
    3. Kale
    4. Peppers
    5. Broccoli
    6. Chard
    7. Watermelon

We have a package that includes Seeds and how to plan your garden:

    1. Spinach
    2. Cucumbers
    3. Carrots
    4. Mustard greens 
    5. Green beans
    6. Zucchini
    7. Turnips
    8. Cilantro
    9. Pea
    10. Lettuce

You can drive through plants or seeds by appointment.

If interested in receiving plants for your urban garden please contact us at or at 810.620.7106.


Resources while supplies last.