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Taking Extra Precautions During Flu Season

By Alondra Rosas Ornelas | Latinx Flint Media

Photo of hand sanitizer and mask. 

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 FLINT, MI–  The season of figuring out if that cough is Coronavirus or seasonal Flu is here. While both are contagious respiratory illnesses, there are differences worth noting. According to the CDC, Flu symptoms seem to emerge quicker than symptoms of COVID-19. Both viruses present with headaches, however, a person with the Flu will most likely have severe headaches combined with a high fever. In contrast, someone with Covid-19 will likely have a mild headache and a moderate fever. It is important to note that symptoms vary from person to person. The only sure way to distinguish between the two is to get tested. Since both the Flu and Covid-19 are contagious, it is essential to take extra precautions. The best way to prevent the Flu virus is to get the vaccine. As of right now, there is no vaccine available for Covid-19. During this season, it is vital to continue social distancing, regular hand washing, and wearing a mask. 

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Further information on Covid-19:

Testing sites in Genesse County: 

Flu vaccine information:

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