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Michigan Endures a Rapid in Covid-19 Cases

By Alondra Rosas Ornelas | Latinx Flint Media

Graph of Covid-19 cases by date of onset from the State of Michigan. 

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FLINT, Michigan- On Saturday, November 21st, Michigan passed an unpleasant milestone of over 300,00 confirmed Covid-19 cases. According to the State of Michigan, there are currently 350,021 confirmed cases and 9,036 Covid-19 deaths since March 1st. The number of Covid-19 cases is dramatically higher now than in March of 2020. On November 9th of 2020, 9,175 confirmed cases were recorded that day alone. The dates surrounding averaged about 6,759 cases a day. These staggering numbers lead Governor Whitmer to issue the 3-week pause on the state.

“We are in the worst moment of the pandemic to date,” Governor Whitmer said at the press conference, “The situation has never been more dire.” 

On November 17th, Genesee County surpassed 10,000 confirmed cases. Currently, there are now 11,359 cases and 373 deaths. Hurley Medical Center reached 98.2% capacity in the week of Nov. 11th with 31 Covid-19 patients and 3 patients in intensive care.

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“A leading model shows that if we don’t take aggressive action right now, we could soon see 1,000 per week here in Michigan,” said Governor Whitmer at the press conference. 

Now, more than ever, it is crucial that communities continue to social distance, wear a mask, and sanitize. It is recommended to keep social gatherings to only two households as per the 3-week pause issued on Wednesday, Nov. 18th. Everyone must do their part in order to keep hospital capacities manageable, slow down the curve, and save lives.  

To stay up to date on the spread of COVID-19 in Michigan please visit the following link.,9753,7-406-98163_98173—,00.htm

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