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Meet Laura Diaz: Somos Latinx

By Alondra Rosas Ornelas | Latinx Flint Media

“I think the happiest moment of my life has been the ability to see the smiles of my kids.” – Laura Diaz

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FLINT, Michigan – Somos Latinx serves to highlight and connect community members in Flint & Genesee County.  Recognizing the experiences of families and individuals in our community reveals the complex experience of Latinx Life in the United States and in our local community. Somos Latinx drives civic engagement and awareness, such as the 2020 Census.

The following is a conversation between Latinx Flint Media and Laura Diaz:

Where are you from? 

I am from la Ciudad de Querétaro, Mexico. We came here about nineteen years ago when my husband was offered a job. We arrived in Michigan in October with everything that could fit in our van. It was a very rainy day and everything was grey.

What is an obstacle you’ve overcome?

I think the biggest obstacle that I had when I came here was the language barrier; that took a lot of work because I knew a little bit of English, but I was scared to speak it. It took me time and determination to break that barrier and decide that even if I spoke badly that I should still try.

Did you attend a university? 

Yes. I have always wanted to study at a university. For a long time I dedicated my time to my home and enjoy my kids, which I consider to be a blessing because not everyone has that opportunity, but I never let go of that goal. Last year I finally was able to finish studying my degree in International Technical Marketing. I studied at an online school called Universidad Abierta y a Distancia de México.

Bridging language & cultural barriers para una comunidad saludable!

Where do you work? 

Right now I work at the Mexican Consulate in Detroit in the communities field. My favorite part about my job is being able to serve the community and be in contact with the Mexican community. I enjoy the ability to help them improve or be able to provide support, help, or resources that will help them.

What has been the happiest day of your life? 

I think the happiest moment of my life has been the ability to see the smiles of my kids.

What was the hardest part about leaving your country? 

I think the hardest part was trying to live in two countries at once. I was trying to still live with my family in Mexico while starting a new family in Michigan. So, I had to make the decision of living in Michigan because this is where my family is and this is where I want to be. I think that was the most difficult part, having to break that barrier and say, “It is okay. My family in Mexico will always be my family. I have to learn to live here. I have to accept this new culture, learn from them, and have them learn from me because Mexico is beautiful, especially the people.”

Did you complete the 2020 Census? 

Yes, I did. 


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