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By Evelyn Cano | Latinx Flint Media

Members of the community dance to the rhythm of the music.  (Photo Credit: Jenifer Veloso)

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FLINT, Michigan – “The best of summer” was how visitors described the annual event held at the Latinx Technology & Community Center last Saturday, August 6 in the city of Flint. The purpose of the celebration was to unite the Latino community with the community on the east side of Flint and enjoy the summer together.

The event began with a presentation of the summer program for children who performed a series of cultural folkloric dances from Venezuela and Cuba, then proceeded to demonstrate what they had learned during the summer by doing not only a puppet show entirely in Spanish but also speaking a little about the different countries and regions of Latin America. Likewise, the adolescent youth program presented its final project which was the external renovation of one of the abandoned houses in the neighborhood around the Latinx and also talk about their experience working in and with the community.

The dance floor was packed after the presentation of the young people thanks to the group invited directly from Grand Rapids “Grupo Habana” who came to put people to enjoy the rhythm of salsa, merengue, bachata and more, they interpreted music of music greats like Marc Anthony, Romeo Santos, Farruko, and many more.

At the same time, members of the community tasted delicious authentic Latin American food such as beef, chicken and pork tacos, live roast roasted pig, Venezuelan arepas, chicharron pupusas, beans, rice, corn, horchata water, Jamaican water, ice cream popsicles, also the different options for vegetarians and many more.

In addition, during the event, recognition was given to a fundamental piece of the Flint community and the Hispanic community, Ralph Arellano has been a figure that has founded, collaborated, guided, helped the Latinx and the people of Flint to be what it is today.

On the other hand, the children were the ones who most enjoyed sliding down the water slide, jumping on the bounce house, having fun with the inflatable games of soccer, basketball, bowling, the small pool, water guns, frisbees, and the small farm. of animals that consisted of ponies, rabbits and goats. While the children enjoyed themselves, the adults could take a walk through our beer tent or buy the different products that small businesses had, such as typical Mexican decorations, women’s clothing, aromatic candles, kitchen pans, eyelashes and much more.

Overall, it could be said that the event was “the best of the summer” thanks to the efforts of workers and volunteers to bring together families, not only Hispanic but also from the Flint community, and make them enjoy an afternoon together with activities for adults and kids, plus wonderful cultural food and entertainment like no other.

Help us make events like this possible

This event would not be possible without the support and volunteers of the community. Food preparation for the setup and cleanup of the event was only made possible by those who donated their time and effort.

Gracias a: 


  • Mildred Silva
  • Aura Cano
  • Kryssia Campos
  • Ana Valadez 
  • Stephen Arellano
  • Cristina Romero
  • Cody Chapman 
  • Diego Cano
  • Julio Mejia
  • Diana Mongui
  • Emiliano Gomez 
  • Immanuel Wright
  • Frankie Mckintosh 
  • Halle Hoover
  • Yeng
  • Karina Ruiz
  • Sheyla Mclain 
  • Jessica Flint
  • Errin Louis 
  • Mary Vizcarra
  • Enrique Rodriguez
  • David Hall
  • Jessica Kitchner 
  • Riley Arellano
  • Jessica Gutierrez
  • Roland Arellano 
  • Collette Latimore
  • Alicia 
  • Norm
  • Rudy Vega
  • Simón Perrazza
  • Amy Cox
  • Tomas Tello
  • Tomas Tello Jr
  • Melany Cardenas
  • Jeff Mitchell
  • Neil Kagerer
  • Humberto Garcia
  • Ruben Graffe
  • Ximena Kohn
  • Rossana Calma
  • Maria Granados


  • Arellano O’Dell farm
  • Steven Arellano – Roasted Pig
  • Elotes from Smoke Rattle & Roll


  • Rosa Maria’s Cositas Mexicanas
  • Jimmela Byrd Candles
  • Roman – Plant-based protein and energy
  • Maria pots and pans
  • Pestaña Padilla’s eyelashes
  • Clothing from a local Small bussiness

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