Drive thru testing for COVID-19 to be available at the Latinx Technology & Community Center.

Article by Solano – Thursday June 18, 2020

FLINT, Michigan – The Latinx Technology & Community Center, in association with the Genesee Health System, will be conducting COVID-19 screening tests for the community for free.

Location: Latinx Technology & Community Center

2101 Lewis St Flint, MI. 48506

Date and Time: Saturday, June 20

12:00 pm – 3:00 pm

If you are interested in testing for yourself or know someone that would benefit from testing, community members can register using the following link and answer the following questionnaire, which is available in two languages Spanish & English.

Why is it important to test for COVID-19?

Having more detailed and accurate data will allow us to better understand and monitor the size and scope of the outbreak and strengthen our prevention and response efforts.

 There are two types of COVID-19 screening tests available: viral tests and antibody tests. A viral test can detect a current infection. An antibody test can detect a previous infection.

 Can a person test negative for a COVID-19 viral arrest test and test positive later?

It is possible. You can get a negative test result if the sample was taken when you were in the first stage of your infection and the result could be positive later. It is also possible that you have been exposed to COVID-19 after being tested and infected. Even if you test negative, you must take steps to protect yourself and others. See Current infection screening test for more information.

 Will I be immune to the coronavirus if I recover from COVID-19?

According to health and infection  still don’t know if people recovering from COVID-19 can become infected again. CDC and its partners are investigating to determine if a person can be infected with COVID-19 more than once. Until we know more about it, keep taking steps to protect yourself and others.