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Flint City Council Election Results

By Alondra Rosas Ornelas | Latinx Flint Media

Community members walking through Downtown Flint, Michigan. 

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Flint, Michigan- The Flint City Council elections were held last Tuesday, November 4th. The results show that out of the nine wards, Flint now has six new council members. First Ward Councilman Eric Mays ran unopposed this election and will remain in office. Second Ward Councilman Maurice Davis lost in the August primary. Ladel Lewis took his spot in the election and won against Audrey Young by 8%. Third Ward Councilman Santiago J. Guerra did not run for re-election. A.C. Dumas lost to Quincy Murphy by 14% in Ward 3. Fourth Ward Councilwoman Kate Fields did not get re-elected and lost to Judy Priestly by 10%. The Fifth Ward had new candidates since Councilman Herbert Winfrey did not run for re-election. Jerri Winfrey-Carter beat Joseph Schipani by 20%. Tonya Burns won against Claudia Perkins by 10% for the Sixth Ward. Councilwoman Monica Galloway lost her seat to Allie Herkenroder in the Seventh Ward. Councilman Allen Griggs from the 8th ward also lost his seat during this re-election; Dennis Pfieffer won by 8%. Like Councilman Eric Mays, Councilwoman Eva Worthing ran unopposed in this election. 

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Election Results Below:

First Ward: Eric Mays

Second Ward: Ladel Lewis

Third Ward: Quincy Murphy

Fourth Ward: Judy Priestly 

Fifth Ward: Jerri Winfrey-Carter

Sixth Ward: Tonya Burns 

Seventh Ward: Allie Kerkenroder 

Eighth Ward: Dennis Pfieffer 

Ninth Ward: Eva Worthing

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