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Earth Day 2024 – Neighborhood Beautification

By Asa Zuccaro | Latinx Flint Media

Devianise Padilla Borgos, Program Coordinator at Latinx Technology & Community Center helping a younger student plant flowers at the April 20th, 2024 Community Cleanup event.

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On April 20, 2024 the Latinx Technology & Community Center (LTCC) hosted its first of many upcoming community cleanups for the 2024 year. On a brisk Spring morning, with occasional snow flurries, over 30 dedicated volunteers from the surrounding Flint area came together to help with the revitalization efforts on Flint’s east side.

The cleanup began at 10am, and concluded at 1:30pm and targeted several hot spots within the Lewis Street Corridor. Despite the weather, volunteers eagerly helped pick up trash, pull weeds, shovel debris, and clear the I-475 highway on and off ramps near LTCC. ”When people come into the community, that’s the first thing they see.”, stated LTCC’s Resource Center Coordinator, Jose Lopez. Which became the focal point for the cleanup. By the end of the day, community members had overflowed the center’s dumpster with over 10 feet of neighborhood trash and debris.

While volunteers were outdoors doing intensive labor, younger students were indoors in the Latinx Technology Center’s Classroom learning about Earth Day, how to plant flowers, and the importance of keeping the environment clean. They ended the day being able to put their new knowledge into practice by planting their own flowers along the flower beds of the Lewis Street MTA bus stop. 

The Flint Registry also promoted their mission at the cleanup as a vendor, with an informational table about their many programs serving Flint residents. Their staff also assisted in providing equipment to make this a successful cleanup. For more information on the Flint Registry visit their website at 

The Latinx Technology & Community Center would like to share its gratitude to all the volunteers and sponsors that made this event possible. This event was sponsored by Brown & Sons Auto Parts, located at 1720 Davison Rd, Flint, MI 48506, which played an instrumental role in the cleanup efforts for the surrounding area. 

This is a part of a much more widespread effort by community organizations within the City of Flint to help revitalize the community and eliminate blight. The Latinx Technology & Community Center will continue to host community cleanups, every 3rd Saturday of the month from 10am-1pm. For more information or to volunteer for an upcoming cleanup, visit 

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