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City Wide Clean-Up Day

By Asa Zuccaro | Latinx Flint Media

Group of volunteers working hard a the City Wide Clean Up Day at the Latinx Technology and Community Center.

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Flint, MI – May 15, 2021 marked a city wide collaborative day to organize neighborhood groups in an effort to clean-up the city. Thanks to the organizing efforts of the Neighborhood Engagement Hubs and the financial investment of the C.S. Mott Foundation, neighborhood groups were supported with tools, equipment and dumpsters to address blight in the city. 

The Latinx Technology & Community Center had over 25 volunteers come to support the efforts of community service. The day of service at Latinx Flint included our regular Saturday morning water distribution, utilizing 501cTHREE’s “Water Box”, a vegetable plant distribution to community members, from Edible Flint (a non-profit organization) and efforts to beautify a part of Flint’s Eastside. 

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With the service of the volunteers on May 15th, the center was able to distribute over 235 gallons of water, which is the equivalent of approximately 1,780 water bottles, and approximately 595 individual plants for community members’ home gardens. Additionally, community volunteers filled garden beds with over seven yards of dirt and initiated Latinx Flint’s community garden by planting a variety of chiles, squashes and herbs. Other community members took to the surrounding areas to address overgrowth, cleaning of debris and broken glass. 

Please contact us to Get Involved and be a part of the positive changes happening in the community.     

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