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CDC: Fully Vaccinated Guidelines

By Marie Taylor | Latinx Flint Media

Image Courtesy of pixabay: Geralt. (2020, March 16). Coronavirus/Sars-CoV-2 Vaccine [Digital Image]. 

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FLINT,MI- Monday, March 8, 2021, the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) released its initial activity recommendations for people who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

People are Considered Fully Vaccinated when:

  • (2) Weeks After their Second-Dose in a (2) Dose Series, (Pfizer & Moderna Vaccines)
  • (2) Weeks After a Single-Dose Vaccine, (Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen Vaccine)  

Those receiving a COVID-19 vaccine are not fully protected until (2) weeks after their second-dose of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine or the single-dose of the Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen Vaccine (CDC, 2021). 

Recommended guidelines from the CDC are based on the latest science regarding COVID-19 on how a fully vaccinated person can resume visiting family and friends who may or may not be vaccinated. These recommendations are representative of the initial steps to be taken as vaccinated community members begin to return to their daily lives and activities. As recommended by the CDC fully vaccinated people should practice:  

COVID-19 Vaccinated Precautions

  • Only Visit with Other Fully Vaccinated People Indoors without Wearing Masks or Keeping 6 feet Apart
  • Visit with Unvaccinated People from One Other Household Indoors without Wearing Masks or Keeping 6 feet Apart if Everyone in the Other Household is at Low risk for Severe Disease
  • Refrain from Quarantine and Testing if They do not have Symptoms of COVID-19 After Contact with Someone Who has COVID-19
  • Everyone – Even Those who are Vaccinated – Should Continue with All Mitigation Strategies when in Public Settings (Face Masks, Social Distancing & Avoidance of Mass Gatherings)
  • Follow Guidance Issued by Individual Employers
  • Follow CDC and Health Department Travel Requirements and Recommendations

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Vaccinations are accelerating, and according to the COVID-19 Vaccine Dashboard 120,658 Genesee County residents have received the COVID-19 vaccine so far (, 2021). Moreover, the current population of Genesee County is at 404,063 residents, leaving approximately 283,405 people yet to be vaccinated (World Population Review, 2021). It is imperative that everyone continues to comply with public health mitigation measures to protect the large number of people who remain unvaccinated (CDC, 2021).

In summary, prevention measures will continue to be important for all community members, regardless of vaccination status, especially during this period of vaccine deployment. However, as vaccination coverage increases, a balanced, cautious approach to phasing out certain prevention measures in fully vaccinated people, ideally the prevention measures that are the most disruptive to individuals and society, can be taken.


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Image Reference: 

Geralt. (2020, March 16). Coronavirus/Sars-CoV-2 Vaccine [Digital Image]. pixabay. 

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