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Beautificando Nuestro Neighborhood 2022

By Evelyn Cano | Latinx Flint Media

A young community member and her family getting different plants for their home

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FLINT, Michigan – “Beautificando Nuestro Neighborhood” an annual event, held Saturday, May 21, 2022,  promotes health and community connection by organizing volunteers to unite together to clean up and beautify the neighborhood. Additionally, this event encourages community members to be outside and connect with the Earth by distributing vegetable plants and seeds to take for a home garden. This event and the distribution of plants were made possible with the sponsorship from HAP, Health Alliance Plan. This event is in collaborative efforts with Keep Genesee County Beautiful, the Neighborhood Engagement Hub, and Edible Flint, to provide volunteers with the necessary resources, tools, equipment, and materials to clean up and improve the neighborhood conditions of the city.

Thanks to the service of more than 20 volunteers, that came from all over the State of Michigan, garbage and litter were removed from the streets and sidewalks, soil and vegetation were added to the Latinx Community Garden, vegetable plants and seeds were distributed to community members, and neighborhood improvements were completed positively impacting the community. 

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As a result of the Saturday volunteer service, approximately 1,300 plants and 600 seeds were distributed to the community including Jalapeño, Serrano, Habanero, Basil, Cilantro, Cherry Tomatoes, Kale, and more.

In addition, more than 137 gallons of water were distributed using the 501cTHREE “Water Box”, which is equivalent to approximately 1,096 bottles of water. The Latinx would like to thank all of the volunteers that attended the event, for their contribution of time and effort. This event could not have been a success without the dedication and hard work of people like them. 

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