“To graduate and to know that I can go out and do things, that’s very empowering. To have that in your hand and know that nobody can take this away from me and I can do something with this, that’s really empowering.” -Victoria Arteaga

I was excited but nervous. I was happy because we came to a new country and we were going to learn new things, but I also felt sad. The move affected my parents more because my mom missed our family a lot. Sometimes I would see my mom cry and I would want to cry too and I also missed my family. -Sarah Graffe

Latinocentric organizations like El Ballet Folklorico Estudiantil utilize a creative platform to increase awareness of the 2020 Census.

“Opening a business is easy. The most difficult part is being able to keep it open. That is the most difficult obstacle an entrepreneur has.” - Gregorio Leon

“I think the happiest moment of my life has been the ability to see the smiles of my kids.”- Laura Diaz at the Latinx Technology and Community Center

“I want to help students realize that maybe you haven’t seen a person that looks like you in a particular role, but you still have the capability to become whatever you want.” – Vanessa Alvarez

The Charles Stewart Mott Foundation announced the financial investment of $1 million in grants in 2020 to strengthen Flint neighborhoods.

“I was teaching in the women's prison. I said to them, “I just want you to know that each of you is as important as the President of the United States."