A Latinx Technology & Community Center 
Professional Development Course

With over 40-million native Spanish-speakers in the U.S., the need to speak basic conversational Spanish increases each year.

The Latinx Technology & Community Center in Flint, Michigan (Latinx Flint) is expanding our community-based Spanish Immersion program to focus on the needs of working professionals in Flint. It can be very difficult for Spanish speakers to navigate our community, build relationships, and even receive essential services. Through this program, we are engaging professionals to increase awareness and the number of people that speak Spanish to make our community more welcoming while also providing a unique professional development opportunity!


LTCC’s Spanish Immersion course is much more than language learning. As an immersive experience, our focus is cultural awareness and cultural education, which is blended into the language curriculum. With teachers from Puerto Rico, Mexico, Costa Rica, and Venezuela, the course offers a variety of accents, colloquial norms, and varying cultural experiences.


Plaza One | Flint & Genesee Literacy Network

111 E. Court St. | Suite 1C | Flint, MI


Wednesdays | May 8th - June 12th

Noon - 2:00 PM


Each participant receives a booklet and materials to help guide them through the course as well as one-on-one interaction with residents of Flint that have immigrated from Latin America. Each course will include authentic cuisine as well as discussions around culture and local community experiences.


"The course was outstanding. I gained the ability to communicate, and a much deeper understanding of Latino culture."

-Joseph Schipani, Flint Community Member



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