Community Cultural Immersion

LTCC offers community-based Spanish and English Immersion programs for people in Flint and Genesee County. Programs are available through out the year with a Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer Bimester. Our immersion courses are much more than language learning, our focus is cultural awareness and cultural education blended with language learning. 

American English & Societal Integration

Our English Immersion course focuses on teaching conversational English in the environments that are most relevant to our students. This includes a focus on workplace etiquette and norms as well as navigating relevant agencies and programs for people new to the United States.

Each course is 8-weeks, with two sessions per week. Instructors are all from Flint and surrounding areas and have significant experience teaching ESL.

Spanish Immersion

With teachers from Columbia, Mexico, Costa Rica, and Venezuela, the course offers a variety of accents, colloquial norms, and varying cultural experiences. The SSL course focuses on learning conversational Spanish, and essential cultural norms.

Each course is 8-weeks, with two sessions per week. Our instructors all have backgrounds in education and are native Spanish speakers.