Language and Cultural Barriers

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The Latinx Technology & Community Center has identified language and cultural barriers to be present in Flint & Genesee County.

Immigrant and Spanish speaking families are known to live through traumatic situations and experience health disparities due to the lack of cultural understanding and language skills among resource providers and human service organizations. Learning from the experiences of the Spanish speaking community, the Latinx Technology & Community Center is filling a role as empowering the marginalized to help to create a trauma-informed and resiliency-focused community that shares a common understanding of the impact of trauma and chronic stress faced in our community.

Latinx Flint has developed a wholistic approach to community health and institutional change.

  1. Latinx Culture Ambassadors: Our ambassador program is an immediate effort to start to build the Flint communities capacity to engage people from Latin America and establish a more resilient community. The primary focus of the program  is to increase the number of community members being connected and served with resource organizations. Our Spanish Language Ambassadors are housed in our office for walk-in strength based consultations, translations, mobile off-site interpretations, and targeted family outreach for this hard to reach population.
  2. Community Language and Cultural Education Courses: Our largest efforts are focused on increasing the number of bilingual community members living in Flint and Genesee County. Our community language programs are offered bimesterly throughout the calendar, i.e. Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer.
  3. Professional Development: Expanding upon our community level language and culture course, we have tailored an informative experience to increase our human service professionals awareness and Spanish speaking language skills.
  4. Two-Generational Approach: We offer an elementary age Spanish course to prepare the future generation with the language skills to serve a large community. This course focuses on culture education through art, music, dance, and literature.
  5. Translation/Interpretation Services: Our organization is equipped with a team of bilingual community leaders dedicated toward turning the curve on community health. Providing language services to partner organizations and community members generates revenue that is then reinvested back into the families we serve.

Our strategic efforts and programs are aligned to create spaces where people feel culturally, emotionally, and physically safe as a result of shared experiences and knowledge around language, culture, and immigration status. This trust between community extends into human service and resource institutions by collaborating with local organizations and connecting community with resources.

For any questions about our mission and vision please contact us at 810.424.3760 or

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